Rural King Welcome to the advertising resource for Rural King. This portal was designed to provide our partners in advertising with the resources needed to ensure a smooth relationship.

In this portal, you will find instructions and requirements that we have put in place to ensure timely and accurate inserts, communication and payments.

If at any time your are in need of additional information this is not covered on this website, please feel free to reach out to us. You can use the contact us link at the top of the page.

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In order to expedite payments for services rendered, we ask for some consistency in the way our invoices are constructed and sent. Strict adherence to these rules will ensure you are paid in a quick and timely manner.


We require our affiliates to confirm they have received the proper advertisements at the proper times for accurate insertion. We have designed a state of the art system that is both quick and easy to use. In order to adapt to the various levels of technology our partners have, we constructed 3 different avenues to validate the arrival of our advertisements.

Future Partners

We are consistently looking for new ways to get our brand out to potential customers. This can be through different media outlets or new publications. In the contact us section of this site, you can submit your information to be considered for a new party to do business with.

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