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Frequently asked Questions

For questions regarding program eligibility, awards or terms of the Church Week program, please submit your question through the button on the left, or browse below through our frequently asked questions

What is Church Week?
Church week is an opportunity for Rural King customers to support their local Christian churches, schools, and radio stations. From March 14th - March 27th 2021, customers can upload their Rural King receipts to and 10% of their receipt total after sales tax will go to the registered Christian organization of their choosing.
Why is Rural King hosting Church Week?
Organizations such as non-profit Christian Churches, schools, and radio stations were faced with an abundance of challenges when forced to close their doors due to COVID-19. At Rural King we feel these types of organizations not only align with our culture and beliefs but also greatly bless and are vital to the communities we serve. Hosting Church Week allows an easy way for our community members to bless and support these organizations in their time of need.
How does an organization register and view qualifications to receive donations?
Organizations can go to for more information on qualifications and to complete the registration process. The website will ask for specific information to verify the type of organization attempting to register.
When will the organizations receive their donations?
Each organization will receive communication from their Rural King location when their donation check is ready for pickup.
How long do I have to upload a receipt?
You will have until April 1, 2021 to upload your receipt to To qualify, receipts must be dated 3/14/2021-3/27/2021.
Can I split my receipt between two organizations?
You can only donate to one organization per receipt. If you visit Rural King multiple times within the promotion period (3/14/21-3/27/21), you can choose to upload each valid receipt to a different registered organization of your choice.
I lost my receipt; can I donate without it?
You will need a copy of your receipt and its specific, identifying information to upload for donation. The Rural King you purchased at can provide you a new copy of your receipt if lost.
What if I do not see the organization I want to donate to?
We sent out over 50,000 letters to Christian based organizations to share this project with them and give them instructions on how to register. Sometimes, these letters get lost in the day to day business. In the organization search section, there is a link to download this letter. Please download a copy and ensure it gets in the hands of an autorized representative of that organization to register. You can also download that document by clicking here.
I registered my organization, why don't I see it in the search option?
When an application is submitted, it is put into a pending status. A member of our team reviews each one. Once the application has moved from pending to approved, it will automatically show up in the search portion of the website. You will also receive an email letting you know the status has changed.